Super-empathic Coach

Vincent Peiffert

If you're exhausted from feeling other people's emotions too much, I can help you release the emotional overload you've experienced and regain your energy and discernment.

I help you release your emotional overflow and regulate the emotions that overwhelm you.

You feel deeply connected to the emotions of others as if you could feel or even experience the feelings of those around you.

Welcome to the beautiful world of hyperempathy!

This kind of hypersensitivity is a rare and precious quality. It's a superpower that enables you to understand others better, build quality human relationships, and bring a unique world. Feeling emotions around you quickly helps you respond and adapt to the complexity of today's world. Like a compass, intuition guides you and helps you make quick and insightful decisions.

However, this superpower can also present challenges. When the emotions you absorb overwhelm you, you often feel swamped in your relationships.

Furthermore, these unregulated emotions can even lead to losing discernment, objectivity, and decision-making ability.

Super-Empathy Coaching

You often feel overwhelmed by other people’s emotions, which drains your energy.

Discover how to release the overload that isn’t yours so you can regain your energy and discernment and use your empathic superpower and its powerful energy more consciously in your relationships and projects.

Facilitated workshops

You use your empathy to create a foundation of trust and caring human relationships.

Discover how to use your empathic superpower to better understand others, help them develop harmonious relationships, and find solutions tailored to their respective needs.


You feel other people's emotions too much, and that drains your energy,

Let's find out how to regulate your emotions and regain energy and objectivity.



Coach intuitif et facilitateur atelier


If you have any questions about empathic coaching or workshop facilitation, send me an email.

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