Who is Vincent Peiffert ?

A human being like you, with an atypical life path filled with learning


> Over ten years of international experience in Europe and North America
> Transformation facilitator: 10 years
> Coaching (business and career) : 11 years
> Leadership training : 12 years
> Group facilitation: 11 years


> “Theory U”, edX 2021
> “Facilitator of collective dynamics”, Formapart 2015
> "Empathic communication", NVC 2014
> "Master Practitioner in NLP", Ressources 2009
> Master diploma in People & Organisation management" IAE Metz 2001

In my life, I have faced many challenges: personal, professional, integration into a new language, culture or profession, resistance to change when it is necessary to reinvent oneself while remaining humble in the face of adversity.

These challenges can be encountered at any time by anyone facing a situation of change.

This life journey has given me a chance to discover the multiple opportunities offered by intuitive intelligence (how to find the solutions from within, to listen to our internal resources to move forward), and to develop skills to support others in their growth and success.

For more than twenty years, I have been coaching groups and individuals in the implementation of their projects using an analytical mindset combined with a systemic view.